The Story behind Bruin Books

Bruin Books is a family owned publishing house dedicated to reviving great novels that have shamelessly fallen out of print. Growing from our love of books and the enjoyment we experience in haunting used bookstores, Bruin Books is our way to giving some of that enjoyment back— the pleasure of reading and of discovery.

For us a great novel equals a great read. Our first focus is on noir and crime fiction, and let me say, it’s like walking in a field of gold. The best writers the world has produced have worked in the crime and mystery genre. Crime fiction cuts through the veneer of the modern experience and reveals the primal instincts that lie just below the surface. Our most basic desires and ambitions can be found there, and although life is never anything short of a struggle— never far from failure— character, code and honor are at the heart of it. And so are hot dames, gun battles, fast cars, betrayal and murder. It’s fascinating stuff. Bruin Crimeworks is dedicated to making some the best crime classics available again.

Bruin Books will also publish new fiction under the Bruin Books Originals banner.

Bruin Books Current Titles:
Cardinal Bishop, Inc. by Jonathan Eeds

Bruin Crimeworks:
No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase (December 2009)

Flesh of the Orchid by James Hadley Chase (March 2010)

Knock Three-One-Two by Frederic Brown (March 2010)

Death and Taxes by David Dodge (July 2010)

Catch a Thief by David Dodge (November 2010)

Prester John by John Buchan (October 2010)

Deliver Me From Eva by Paul Bailey (January 2011)

House of Flesh by Bruno Fischer (February 2011)