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Welcome to Bruin Books, LLC Publishers

Welcome to Bruin Books, LLC Publishers

Welcome to Bruin Books, LLC PublishersWelcome to Bruin Books, LLC PublishersWelcome to Bruin Books, LLC Publishers

celestial chess by Thomas Bontly - Coming in December 2019

The 40th Anniversary Edition - Now Available!

Celestial Chess is the only foray into the Supernatural by gifted writer and university professor, Thomas Bontly. He drew on his experience in academics for this sinister tale of dark deeds set at "Duke's" college of Cambridge University. Duke's may be a fictional campus, but it closely resembles King's College at Cambridge.  M. R. James, medievalist scholar and preeminent ghost story writer, is one of its most famous alumni of King's College. No Mistake there. Celestial Chess evokes the cerebral magic of a James ghost story.

It's 1962. David Fairchild, an American scholar, comes to England to investigate the mysterious Westchurch manuscript, which has been mysteriously locked up and strangely ignored at Cambridge. The manuscript was written by Geoffrey Gervaise, a 12th century priest with a shameful past and a lust to pursue the forbidden knowledge sequestered in the great universities of his time. Fairchild discovers a link between the manuscript and a contemporary Satanic cult, which will go to any length to unlock its secrets. The fast-paced narrative runs parallel courses as it follows Gervaise's quest for the Dark Arts in the 12th century and Fairchild's modern day struggle to stop the sinister cult and save a colleague's family from manuscript's curse. 

Special Features

- First printing in 40 years

- New introduction by Thomas Kent Miller

- New cover art by the Viet Hung Gallery

- New interior illustrations by Culpeo Fox

celestial chess Chapter Heads by Culpeo Fox


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Major expansion of Bruin Odysseys coming in 2020

When Bruin Books was first conceived the goal was to focus on three key genres: Classic Crime & Mystery (Bruin Crimeworks,) tales of the Strange & Supernatural (Bruin Asylum,) and Adventure fiction, together with a selection historically important true accounts of Travel and Exploration. To date time has only the publication of a single tale of adventure: Prestor John by John Buchan. We have learned much about book production since Prestor John was published in 2010, and now feel confident to give Bruin Odysseys the quality commitment and refinement it deserves.

Special features

- Gorgeously and generously adorned with artwork from the golden age of book illustration

- The world's best writers given the royal treatment: large formats, full page and double page illustrations, maps and sketches, and first hand accounts of the world's strangest and most dangerous places

- Rousing adventures of Travel and Exploration

- Fabulous Tales of Imagination from the days of steam, sail and horses

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