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Welcome to Bruin Books, LLC Publishers

Welcome to Bruin Books, LLC Publishers

Welcome to Bruin Books, LLC PublishersWelcome to Bruin Books, LLC PublishersWelcome to Bruin Books, LLC Publishers

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It was a pleasure to recently speak to Douglas A. Anderson about the future plans for Bruin Books. I also go into some more depth about our popular new release, CELESTIAL CHESS.

Intriguing Links to Explore

A David Dodge Companion


Randal S. Brandt manages this website devoted to the life and works of David Dodge. Intriguing bits of Dodge history and photographs are found here. Randy is a librarian at the University of California, Berkeley where, among other duties, he is the curator of the California Detective Fiction Collection. He also created the critically-acclaimed websites "Golden Gate Mysteries"  (an annotated bibliography of crime fiction set in the San Francisco Bay Area) and "A David Dodge Companion".  Randy contributed the Introductions to the three David Dodge novels published by Bruin Books. He is currently working on a biography of David Dodge.

Golden Gate Mysteries


The second Mystery and Detective site managed by Randal S. Brandt. This bibliography contains nearly 2,500 titles  of mystery, detective, and crime fiction with the action, or significant  parts of the action, set in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Only the  first American editions are listed, unless the book was originally  published outside of the United States. In those cases, both the true  first and the first American editions are noted. The entries are listed  in alphabetical order by author. Multiple books by the same author are  listed in chronological order. “For readers interested in a . . . far-reaching scan of mysteries set in San Francisco and environs,  go immediately to a wonderful Web site called Golden Gate Mysteries, maintained by the reigning expert on the topic . . . ” Booklist,
Volume 104, Number 17 (May 1, 2008)

Interview With Randal Brandt


CrimeReads Interview with an Archivist:

Randal Brandt on Berkeley's Legendary Detective Fiction Collection.

Randal is the Head of Cataloging for the Bancroft Library, the primary special collections library at the University of California Berkeley but more importantly for our purposes he is also the curator of the Bancroft Library’s California Detective Fiction Collection. That’s right, he’s a real live curator of a crime fiction collection.

                                                                 For the full interview, click below:

Lapham's Quarterly


A Magazine of History and Ideas. A beautiful way to continue your education.

Tartarus Press, Publishers, UK


Tartarus is a small, British independent press founded in 1990. We specialise in collectable hardback limited editions of literary supernatural/strange/horror fiction, and we also publish paperbacks and eBooks. We have been the recipient of five World Fantasy Awards (as recently as 2015), and in 2010 received a "Stoker" from the Horror Writers Association.



This blog is devoted to fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature. It was begun by Douglas A. Anderson and Mark Valentine, and joined by friends including James Doig and Jim Rockhill, to present relevant news and information.

Intriguing Links to Explore

The Mystery File


Steve Lewis has been producing Mystery*File on and off since the early 1970s, first as a printed zine, then on the Internet, and now as a blog.  For nearly 60 years, Steve has been reading and collecting mystery fiction. Now joined by his son, writer Jonathan Lewis, they explore wide range of genre and media, including Mystery, Horror and Western.

Bill Ectric's Place


Writer and blogger, Bill Ectric says he wants to erase the line between science and mysticism. He gives his view on a wide variety of intriguing topics, most of them focused on genre fiction. Bill contributed the Introduction to House of Fear, recently released by Bruin Books.

Side Real Press, UK


Side Real Press is an imprint established in 2003 specializing in supernatural and weird fiction, past and present. Each edition is published as numbered limited hardbacks of approximately 300 copies. The website offers reviews, links, galleries and a new blog.

Pretty Sinister Books


Blog by J. F. Norris. Crime, Supernatural and Adventure fiction.  Obscure, Forgotten and Well Worth Reading.

Off Trail Publications


With John Locke as Publisher, Off-Trail Publications focuses on rare fiction in the Adventure, Gangster Weird/Crime genres. A historian of the Pulp Era, John's new book on the fascination first years of Weird Tales Magazine is now available.


Nodens Books


Douglas A. Anderson is the creative force behind Nodens Books.  A writer and editor, Douglas is the author of The Annotated Hobbit (1988; revised and expanded edition 2002), and editor of several fantasy anthologies.

His main blogs are on Tolkein and Fantasy  (mostly on Tolkien) and A Shiver in the Archives, which highlights literary discoveries, but he also contributes to the blog Wormwoodia, devoted to classic "literature of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent." And for those with even more rarified bibliophilic tastes, he also does a personal blog for Lessor Known Writers. Visit Nodens Books to access all of Mr. Anderson's blogs and books.

Swan River Press


Ireland’s only publishing house dedicated to literature of the gothic, fantastic, strange and supernatural. Jon's Note: I was honored to serve as a guest editor for NOVEMBER NIGHT TALES by Henry C. Mercer, published by Swan River Press in 2015. To read  about my visit to Mercer's famous house, Fonthill, in Doylestown, PA select the 

Henry C. Mercer link >>>

Henry C. Mercer


Read more about this fascinating American Philanthropist, historian, architect and author.

Steeger Books


Formally knows as Altus Press, Steeger Books is the Pulp Fiction mega store. Mathew Mooring is the long-time Publisher. Steeger Books has an impressive catalog of publications available.

Egaeus Press


The foundations for Egaeus Press were laid in the cold English summer of 2011 in the dreamclutter of a childish melancholia - a nursery room agoraphobia compelling us to recall the anguished ticks of broken clockwork, the smell of curdled milk, the image of a songbird’s funeral on the tobacco-dry pages of an antique scrapbook … We are moved by the concept of the world as a haunted house, and by the paradox of all life’s darkest fears and most ecstatic wonders being essentially one and the same.

Book of the Sea


"Below Decks", a short story by Jonathan Eeds, can be found in A Book of the Sea, published by Egaeus Press in 2018.

Culpeo Fox Portfolio


Visit Culpeo Fox's virtual gallery and explore his wonderful artwork. Culpeo is a contributing Illustrator for Bruin Books and is involved in a number of future projects.

Fantasy Literature


A very active and friendly website run by devoted fans and featuring anything related to the fantastic: books, movies, links and film clips.

Tellers of Weird Tales


An online compendium of the men and women, writers and artists, stories and ideas that appeared in Weird Tales and other weird fiction and science fiction magazines of the pulp era. 

Pulp Flakes


Well-illustrated Blog devoted to Pulp magazines, authors and their stories. Adventure and Detective pulps.

Recently Added Links

Hammett Takes on the Writing Racket


Mean Streets readers get a Christmas Treat this year from no less than the pulp authority John Locke, doing a deep-dive into the origins of Hammett’s career as a writer. John made  a cool discovery in the forgotten trade magazines of yesteryear, he and Terry Zobeck exchanged a few remarks about the find — combine those angles with his longstanding interest in Hammett and the pulp world, and you’ve got magic.